PASt shows


November 16: Pet Rescue (Brooklyn, NY) - Pet Rescue 5th Anniversary Spectacular

September 28: A Hoskins Union (Columbia, SC) with Say Brother & Watson Village

May 19: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY) - Pizzafest V with Sun Voyager ,Narcos Family Band (Philly), The Royal They, The Unders, Ratboiler (Baltimore), Rye Pines (Boston), Lumps, Daddies (NJ), Powersnap, Scout Harris


October 12: Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY) with Vassals & The Royal They

August: Summer mini Tour - With Say Brother

August 11 - The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY)

August 12 - House Show (Brooklyn, NY)

August 15 - 3117 Warsaw (Cincinnati, OH)

August 16 - Backyard Show (Cincinnati, OH)

August 17 - Euclid Tavern (Cleveland, OH)

August 18 - Photo City (Rochester, NY)

August 19 - The Root Festival (Ewok Village, Sprakers NY)

July 26: Berlin (Manhattan, NY) - Little Racer

July 13: The Gutter (BK, NY) - With El Silver Cabs and Plaid Dracula

June 1: The Gutter (BK, NY) 

May 24: The Well (BK, NY)

May 4: Footlight (Queens, NY)

April 28: Barranquilla - with The Rizzos, Sik Tic, Sammi Lanzetta, Night Screams

April 7: Webster Hall, The Studio (Manhattan, NY) - with Vassals and Groupie

March 7: Pianos (Manhattan, NY) 

February 17: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY)  


November 13: Footlight (Queens, NY) 

November 4: Snugs (New Paltz, NY) 

October 28: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY) -- a very CCR Halloween 

October 26: Alphaville (Brooklyn, NY)

October 8: Cake Shop (New York, NY) 

September 23: Pet Rescue (Brooklyn, NY) with The Royal They, El Silver Cabs, The Mad Doctors

August 26: The Gateway (Brooklyn, NY) With Half Moon, Fax machine America and Whatever Whatever


August 6: Washington DC. In It Together Fest 2016: a/ Bleary Eyed, BRNDA, the Effects, Foster Carrots, Friendship Commanders, Haunts, Heart & Lung, Hurry, Joy Buttons, Left & Right, Nox

August 11: Philadelphia, PA. The Fire w/ Say Brother

August 12: Syracuse, NY. The Vault - w/ Say Brother

August  13: Sprakers NY. The Root (Limb Snapping Festival) w/ Say Brother

August 15: Burlington VT. Monkey House w/ Say Brother

August 16: Providence RI. Aurora w/ Say Brother

August 17: Boston MA. Middle East Corner w/ Say Brother

August 18: Brooklyn NY. The Gutter w/ Say Brother

August 19: Babylon NY. Bartini w/ Say Brother

August  20: Brooklyn NY. Sean's cave of metal worship w/ Say Brother

August  21: Brooklyn NY. Arrogant Swine: Mama O's Kimchipalooza 6

June 3: Pickthorn, Color Me Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY) 61 Wyckoff Ave

June 4: Layer Cake Festival (Pittsburgh, PA) SPIRIT LODGE *8.20p

June 9: Muchmore's, Northside Festival (Brooklyn, NY)

June 10: Muchmore's, Northside Festival (Brooklyn, NY)

June 15: 603 Upstairs, at Silent Barn (Brooklyn, NY)

June 30: Niagra (Manhattan, NY)

May 24: Aviv (Brooklyn, NY) 5/24- Honey & SaltThe Royal TheySkull Practitioners

May 13: The Gutter: 'Beacons' Album Release Party with Fin Folsom, MPHO and Lame Drivers



March 9: The Gateway (Brooklyn, NY)
March 12: Savannah Stopover (Savannah, GA)
March 14: The Woodshop (Baton Rouge, LA)*
March 15: Saturn (New Orleans, LA)*
March 18: House Show (Austin, TX)
March 18: Valentino’s Pizzeria, South by San Marcos (San Marcos, TX)*
March 19: SXSW Adelbert's Brewery (Austin, TX)*
March 20: First Pastafarian Church (Norman, OK)*
March 21: Pizza D’s (Little Rock, AR)*
March 22: Hi Tone (Memphis, TN)*
March 23: Betty’s Grill (Nashville, TN)*
March 24: House Show (Blacksburg, VA)*
March 25: New Brookland Tavern (Columbia, SC)*
March 26: Slims (Raleigh, NC)*
April 8: Twisted Shamrock (Babylon, NY)
April 9: House Show (New Paltz, NY)
*with Say Brother (

February 4: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY) with NO ICE and Big Cheese

January 15: Leftfield (Manhattan, NY) -- WEMF Radio and TurnStyle Music Group presents with The Rizzos, Swampboots, and Mighty Kind


December 5: The OtherSide (Brooklyn, NY) with The Rizzos, The Royal They, Low mein, Super FM

November 16: Cake Shop (NYC), with Fin Folsom. Churchyard (Nashville) and The Rizzos

October 29: The Gutter Halloween Fest - as Bruce Springsteen

October 24: Cameo Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), with The Fluids

October 17: Muchmore's (Brooklyn, NY) - CMJ Festival "El Goodo" #13 with My Teenage Stride, Milk Dick, Left & Right, Parlor Walls, Junk Boys, NO ICE, The Meaning of Life, Slang King 

October 3: James St Pub (Pittsburgh, PA) - Layer Cake Festival

September 9: Don Pedro (Brooklyn, NY)

September 26: Don Pedro (Brooklyn, NY)

2015 Summer Tour

Part One
June 27: The Cave Tavern(Chapel Hill, NC) 
June 28: South Main Spot (Blacksburg, PA)
June 29: Slims (Raleigh, NC)
June 30: Upstairs The Globe (RIP) (Athens,GA)
July 1: Hang Fire Bar (Savannah, GA)
July 2: Midtown Speakeasy (Tallahassee, FL)
July 3: Sidney's Saloon(New Orleans, LA)
July 5: Murphy's (Memphis, TN)
July 6:  The Nick (Birmingham, AL)
July 8:  The East Room (Nashville, TN)
July 9: The Garage (Charlottesville, VA)
July 10:  Bathtub Republic (Washington, DC)

Part Two
August 4: Over Underground (Pittsburgh, PA)
August 5: Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH)
August 6: Quenchers (Chicago, IL)
August 7: Elijiah's House of Dirt (Detroit. MI)
August 8: Handlebar (Toronto, Canada)*
August 9: Backstage (Montreal, Canada)*
August 10: Barfly (Montreal, Canada)*
August 11: Freqshop (Montreal, Canada) 
August 15: Lilpyad (Cambridge, MA)*
*with Fin-Folsom (

July 11:  Pet Rescue (Brooklyn, NY)

July 1st: Grand Victory (Brooklyn, NY)

June 14th: Grand Victory (Brooklyn, NY) Northside Festival: with Wilde Manes

June 5th: Pine Box (Brooklyn, NY): with Finks, The Brooklyn What

May 16th: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY): With Sunset Guns & Baifan.

March 27th: Black Bear Bar (Brooklyn, NY): With The Motor Tom, Mikey and The Other Guys & Wild Manes

March 15th: Quinn's (Beacon, NY) QUINN'S, BEACON NY : With Lace Curtains, Panther Acne

March 14th : Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY) WITH Lace Curtains, Nailpolish & The Brooklyn What.

February 28th: The Cake Shop (New York, NY) With Fin Folsom, A Deer A Horse & Hartle Road

January 31: Muchmore's (Brooklyn, NY)- El Googo #2

January 28: Pianos (New York, NY), With Basic Shapes, The Fluids, See Through, and Jane Herships

January 26: Pianos (New York, NY), with Bully, Brave Shores 

January 15: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY),

January 13: Freddy's (Brooklyn, NY), Whiskey Coke Reading Series With: No Ice


December 19, 2014: The Rock Shop (Brooklyn, NY), with The Hot Flood & A Deer A Horse

November 12, 2014: Bartini(BABYlion, NY) with Love Died Laughing & Overheard Radio

November 12, 2014: Mercury Lounge (Manhattan, NY)

November 1, 2014: Cameo Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Fin Fulsom, Trivial Pursuit & A Deer A Horse

October 23, 2014: Muchmore's (Brooklyn, NY), CMJ Showcase

October 23, 2014: Legion (Brooklyn, NY), CMJ Showcase

October 11, 2014: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY), with The Brooklyn What

October 10, 2014: Grand Victory (Brooklyn, NY), with The Bunny Hop, Love Died Laughing and Soul Candy

September 16, 2014: Palisades (Brooklyn, NY), with other bands

August 29, 2014: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY), with The Fluids, Basic Shapes and Baifan.

August 14, 2014: The Rock Shop (BK, NY) with Dear Comrade & Stuck On Planet Earth

August 8, 2014: The Batcave (Montclair, NJ), with Tribal Days , A Social State, Cygnus and Misdirect

July 29, 2014: The Knitting Factory (Brooklyn, NY), with The Fluids and Sir&Madams

July 16, 2014: Pianos (Manhattan, NY), with Wet Leather, The Fluids & Bredahl

July 8, 2014: Bowery Electric, With Greasy Hearts & Heavy Flow

June 7, 2014: Private BBQ Bash (Brooklyn, NY), with Baifan.

May 24, 2014: The Rock Shop (Brooklyn, NY), with Valley Lodge and Pavelle. 

April 29, 2014: Pianos (Manhattan, NY), with Cosmonaut, Journalism, Cave Needles.

April 14, 2014: Grand Victory (Brooklyn, NY), with Dark Tea, Wild White, Tenterhooks.

April 11, 2014: Twisted Shamrock (Babylon, NY), with Union Forever, The Holy Soviets.

April 10, 2014: The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY), with Ghostess, and Casual Friday.

March 5, 2014: Cameo Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), with Washer.


Nov 26, 2013: Cameo Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), with Brooms, Adult Dude, and Baifan.

Oct 31, 2013: Twisted Shamrock (Babylon, NY), with The Phantom and The Fox, Killer Wails, and Blackcat.

Oct 10, 2013: Silent Barn (Brooklyn, NY), with N'ere Dowells, Week of Wonders, and Eureka California.

Oct 2, 2013: Pianos (Manhattan, NY), with Plates of Cake, Heaven's Jail Band.