OxenFree is based in Brooklyn, NY
. Formed in 2013, the project started as a passion project of Jeff Doyle, reworking a few tracks from his former Charlottesville-based project Pompadour -- meeting for a few late night sessions with Christopher Burns, Sam Ghitelman, and Sean Padden in the Bushwick rehearsal staple Sweatshop.

The band released the first EP "Fire, If We're Anything" in 2014, opining on dreams and antics in Virginia, nights at 285 Kent and early antics in New York, and giving up antics altogether. Subtle textures and contained melodies fight layered guitars and biting horns. The single 'Make Out' was featured in the Jerome Dreyfuss Spring 2015 ad campaign, which debuted on and appeared in Wade Carroll's short surf film 'Fin Less' on

After spending time on the road from New Orleans to Montreal in the summer of 2015, OxenFree put the final touches on its first full length album -- Beacons -- released in May 2016. Singles 'Captain' and 'Fine Dining' debuted on The Wild Honey Pie and KCRW, with Consequences of Sound debuting the full record. In the midst, OxenFree hit the road, playing SXSW and Savannah Stopover, and all across the east coast. 

OxenFree is headed back into the studio in January 2017 with Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Clear Plastic Masks, Hurray for the Riff Raff). More organs, more layers, more grit. 

Jeff Doyle: Guitars, Organs/Pianos, Vocals,
Christopher Burns: Drums
Sam Ghitelman: Guitars
Sean Padden: Basses
& Friends: Vocals, Horns, Guitars, etc. 

Fire, If We're Anything (2014) EP
Beacons (2016) LP


“OxenFree’s music, which juxtaposes poppy melodies and precise, hefty guitar work, seemed to mirror the subject matters at hand.”
— Consequences of Sound
“...To whet your whistle, here’s a track from it which we are happy to premiere. “Fine Dining” is an echoing guitar jam, circling around jangling riffs that sound like a somewhat more aggressive War on Drugs.

Appropriately this driving song is about…driving! In the band’s own words: “This is a song about taking a road trip with an old friend. It’s about crashing parties and feeling transitory and wasting money.” No money wasted here, but OxenFree are bound to be the kind of band you’d want to spend money on.”
“The new video from Brooklyn’s OxenFree is 4 parts amusing, 1 part unsettling and 2 parts confusing (in a good way). As the main character drifts off to sleep after feeding his goldfish, we enter into the fish’s lovelorn fantasies wherein the two are very happily dating. Adorable coupling ensues, and we’re left feeling enchanted (albeit still a little creeped out) for the happy duo. The backing track for the video, “Captain”, is equally whimsical and fun, as buoyant harmonies and upbeat piano and guitar float below the slightly gritty vocals of Jeff Doyle.”
— The Wild Honey Pie
“It is getting hot and humid and New York and I am getting careless. Strange how OxenFree was able to to capture that exact mood in their forthcoming EP Fire, If We’re Anything despite recording in the New York wintertime. Maybe it is the brass on “Signal Fire,” or the imagery of “Make Out,” but this release says everything you need to think, feel and know about connection in this moment. Streaming this preview will pull you deeper into the present than you knew was possible, or your money back.”
— No Fear Of Pop
“Brooklyn indie group, Oxen Free, have just released their debut EP, ‘Fire, If We’re Anything.’ It’s a collection of three tracks of unabashed guitar drenched indie rock. Their sound shares similarities to early Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene it’s sense carefully controlled chaos as each of the tracks houses a warm indie pop track wrapped in fuzz, pounding drums and swirls of vocal harmonies. “Virginia Pine” is an exercise in dynamics, softly coying one minute before exploding into triumphant bursts the next. “Make Out” is a peppy love letter to whiskey, hook ups and all the finer parts of slowly getting older. “Signal Fire” closes the record as a three minute rallying call. Each of these tracks and the Oxen Free sound is very hugely epic in a humble way, and this EP is a great intro to the band.”                                                                                      — Kick Kick Snare